Lindsey (lneef) wrote in bunnybabies,

For the record...

The gestational diabetes test= not so bad! I was dreading it and it turned out to be nothing. (And I'm a giant wimp!)

The drink is only about 16 oz., and it tastes like the orange drink they served to us when we were kids, though maybe a tiny bit thicker and more intense. My nurse apologized for it not being chilled but it didn't bother me at all, chugged it right down. I did not get nauseated in the least. Sat around for an hour (had my checkup while I waited), they took blood (this doesn't faze me, as I used to donate regularly), and I left. Results soon.

So, horror stories aside, here's at least one good story to keep in mind if you're not looking forward to this particular experience. The worst part was turning down cake at work the day before. (I didn't have to fast, just avoid sugar...)
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