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No definitive answers :/

So when I was diagnosed, my cervix was 1.9 cm. The perinataologist, who my doctor totally defers to as "the expert" put me on complete bedrest, and told me it was not going to improve, it would only stay the same or get worse.

So the fact that 4 days later my cervix was 2.5cm makes me not have a whole lot of faith in the Peri, even though my OB feels that his word is law. Even though when the peri saw me, there was a very different picture than there is now.

I had the cerclage 12 days ago. Today I had an ultrasound. The baby is fine and super wiggly. My cervix is measuring 2.7cm.

3 is the start of "normal" range. Anything over 3.2cm is considered good. 2.7 is not bad at all.

However, my doctor has pretty much absconded all responsibility and left it up to me if I choose to get up or not. He will not give me an opinion. I said "what if I am only up for less than three hours a day, don't do anything strenuous, no lifting, etc...and then we see how it looks when I come back in two weeks?" and he says it's my risk to take or leave.

So basically if anything happens, it'll be my fault and not his. Not that things can't go wrong even if you're on full bedrest, but if something does go wrong and I'm not, that's guilt I'll have to live with.

The perinatologist is in Pensacola (2+ hour drive) and doesn't want to see me again until mid-January, so I can't get an opinion from him. I know if I call they will just say they can't diagnose anything over the phone.

So I am kind of at an impasse. For now, I have to go to the dentist this afternoon. And I am going to the Christmas party on saturday even if only for an hour. Other than that, I guess I will just see how I feel and take it day by day.
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