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all mouth, no trousers

home from surgery - all is well

My surgery yesterday morning went very smoothly, they had been going to give me a spinal, but ended up deciding to put me completely under which I was THRILLED about (who wants to be awake for something like that, much less get a shot in the back and be numb from the waist down for 2 hours if you don't have to be?)

Aside from a blinding headache (which I had actually had since I woke up) I really wasn't in any pain afterwards, some mild crampy pain but nothing unbearable. They decided to keep me overnight since Sean was out of town so I'd be on my own if I went home. They gave me regular doses of percocet for my head and my saint of a hair/nail girl brought me Sonic for dinner since the hospital food was inedible and her spa is almost right across the street. I just watched teevee and read all night, I didn't even need help to the bathroom after the first time. They checked the baby's hb several times and it was 146-154 which is where it always is. I woke up this morning feeling 100% and they sent me home.

My doctor wants me to stay on total bedrest (only up to use the bathroom and shower - and I can keep my dental appointment tuesday) until my appointment on wednesday morning, as long as things still look good on the u/s I should be able to be on a much more modified bedrest, allowing me to basically have a normal life , I'd just have to lay down for a few hours at a time several times a day. What pregnant woman wouldn't be okay with that?

Anyhow, I am feeling a million times better than I did after my initial diagnosis on monday. What a week it has been!

It was also kind of cool because after surgery I was moved to the L&D ward, so I got a preview of where I'll be staying when I birth the little bunny. Now I know I need to bring extra pillows (which I am SO GLAD I thought to do yesterday) and snacks because, aside from breakfast, the food sucks. The nurses are all really nice, out of five there was only one who wasn't super friendly.

So I am hopefully in the homestretch of this full time laying down thing.
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