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Okay, I saw my OB this morning. I begged him for a cerclage, basically saying that I understood that it was not a cure-all, and that I would still have to be on mostly bedrest, but that if I had to do something now and again, I understood I'd have a better chance with the stitch in than without it.

For example, I have a lot of dental work that needs doing, I am actually at risk and in pain if I don't. I didn't want to start on it when I was TTC and was told not to do it during the first trimester. So my initial appointment is not until next week and from there will likely be 3 or 4 more trips. This can not wait for me to recover post-birth, it has to be done asap.

He agreed that I should have a cerclage if I am not going to be able to do 24/7 bedrest for 20+ weeks, though he again stressed that I must be on bedrest as much as possible. Scheduled me for surgery friday. I am going in thursday morning for him to measure the cervical length and make sure everything looks okay for the procedure.

Unfortunately Sean is going to be out of town from thursday to saturday, so this is going to be an adventure. My friend is taking me to surgery and she lives just around the corner so she can come and go and check on me. Still it sucks that he is going to be gone.

I don't feel as dire as I did yesterday. I am still struggling a lot with giving up my independence and dreams of being Mrs. Cute Pregnant Girl walking on the beach in pretty maternity dresses, or going to Mexico for one last pre-baby holiday. I'm upset about not being able to stay fit or have a sex life (I am not allowed to have an orgasm, period) and it's still a blow being absorbed, and I'm fighting depression over it all. But after finding a super support group of women in the same boat,and reading their success stores, especially that many of them have successfully carried subsequent babies with a preventative cerclage and little to no bedrest has given me a better long-term outlook.

I am trying a free trial of Everquest for the Mac, we'll see how it goes. I'm not very good at these kind of games! I went with this over WoW to start because it's free for now.

Thank you all so much for your support, I can't tell you how much I appreciate it.
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