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I had my ultrasound today.

The good news is that the baby itself is fine and healthy, gnawing merrily on its umbilical cord.

The bad news is that, once again, I'm pretty much a failure at pregnancy.

After the complete and extensive u/s, I was telling the doctor about the pain I have been in since thursday, and my concern about it being some kind of prolapse.

He said it was surely just stretching pain, especially due to my external uterine fibroids. He suggested I take 600mg of Motrin to see if that would help, and despite what I'd been repeatedly told, than it was safe for use up to 32 weeks.

I expressed concern over the possibility of it being something more sinister than stretching pain, so he agreed to do a quick vaginal u/s once we were done with the abdominal one. Just to reassure the crazy lady that everything really was okay.

Except it's not. I'm only 17 weeks and my cervix has shortened, and dilated to 1.9 cm. Which puts me at a very high risk for pre-term labor, which of course at this stage would mean losing the baby.

He ordered me on immediate and TOTAL bedrest, no sex, no shoping, no cooking, no cleaning, no laundry, no exercise, not even a daily shower, NOTHING except getting up to pee or moving from bed to sofa.

For the rest of my pregnancy

That's 23 weeks, for those keeping score at home. 23 WEEKS

I have been crying for hours. I still am, actually. I can't believe this is happening to me.

I get cabin fever if I don't leave the house for two days!

I'm totally out of my depth here, scared to bits, worried about losing the baby, and freaked out at the idea of being totally helpless and dependent for five months, at losing my sex life, all muscle tone, and just becoming a fat lump of lard, at the stress it's going to put an already stressed out Sean under to have to do everything that I do around the house on top of working, and at not being able to have another child for fear of going through 9 months of the same thing...and that I'll do all this and deliver prematurely and lose the baby anyhow.

I guess the only bright side is that I'll save money on maternity clothes since I won't be leaving the house for five @%#ing months except to go to the doctor.

I am going to get a second opinion from my OB in the morning (my appointment today was with a specialist in P'cola) but chances are they will tell me the same thing. Right now my best hope is that they will give me a circlage (where the put a stitch in the cervix) that would allow me to at least be up and about a little bit, even if it's just a few hours a week.

Oh and I do have a bladder infection as well, so he put me on antibiotics for that.

Definitely not my day.

Sorry about any typos I am having to learn to type laying down, and I don't care enough to spellcheck at the moment.

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