Sarah Jewel (sarahjewel) wrote in bunnybabies,
Sarah Jewel

He's four months old now!

Wow, Seamus is 4 months old already!
He's *huge* too. I find out just how huge next week I think. He was 15lbs10oz @ his last Drs visit, at about 3 months. So we'll see! heh

Here are a few recent photos. Here's him in his new Fuzzi Bunz diapers! :) I was experimenting w/ them and the inserts and such, hence why he's got a huge butt. haha

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He's been chatting up a storm, and when I make "ma ma" or "da da" sounds at him he studies my mouth and starts moving his around like he's trying to figure out how to copy me. hehe So cute.
He's also learned that tickling is fun, not just uncomfortable. He doesn't mind the back of his head and back rubbed like he did when he was younger.
His favorite fingers to suck are his index and middle fingers on his left hand. :D AND he's no where near as fussy as he used to be. I can actually GO places now with him without him freaking out. :D Yay for being able to leave the house! :D

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