all mouth, no trousers (princessbunny) wrote in bunnybabies,
all mouth, no trousers

fertility at the spa

I heard a bit on Regis & Kelly about how a lot of resorts and spas are "cashing in" on people having a hard time TTC and how fertility has become a big industry.

Sure enough, I got an email about the new Caesar's Palace spa in Vegas, and what's listed under couple's treatments?

Couple's Lunaception*
Enter your private herb garden and spa suite with your companion for this special fertility-heightening experience. Relax side by side, synchronizing your breath during your massage above Venus "Goddess of Fertility" idols. Freshly prepared teas and hand-selected fresh herbs melt away everyday stress, unlocking nature's reproductive potential.

*Note: Available only during specific lunar phases. Check with spa representative for available dates.

What do you think? Exploiting people who are struggling and willing to try anything? Or helping them?
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