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* I envy everyone having dreams about their baby. I have a lot of vivid dream, but they're about random celebrities, people I haven't seen in years, my mom, etc... no baby. I'm not even pregnant in them.

* I am definitely pregnant out of them! Laying in bed this morning, I realized that previously, if you extended a line straight out of my bellybutton, it would hit the ceiling. Now it would go to a point on the headboard slightly above my head.

* I am so anxious for my genetic screening & Level 2 u/s to finally come. 10 more days. I haven't seen the baby since 8w2d, by then I'll be 17w2d. It will be nice to finally see it looking like a baby, and I will feel a lot less worried if we pass our genetic screening and everything looks healthy.

* They say it's 75% for women correctly "sensing" what they are having. Which means I have a 75% chance of either, because pretty much every day I feel different about who's in there. I know so much of it is in my head and not in my gut. Because I have such a strong preference, I just don't trust myself. I envy everyone who "just knew" because frankly I don't have a clue.

* I really want to go on a vacation before the baby is born, since it will be our last chance for a while. If we do go anywhere, it will have to be in February when Sean is between jobs. Not a great time to visit a lot of places. I want to go to Mexico, but I doubt I'll be able to convince Sean, he has a weird anti-Mexico prejudice (having never been there). I'm trying to come up with somewhere he'd get excited about. That won't be totally frozen solid in February.

* Lola sure does love my belly!
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