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So, I'm still in a different state from them, because we cannot all be together just yet. But, in order to keep myself sane, I am going to post new pics for you all.

I don't think Adam knows it, but keeping me updated on the daily happenings of his parenting life is the only thing keeping my spirits up right now. It's been 3 months, 1 week, and 2 days since I lost Alana and seeing Adam's two monsters growing and being happy makes me smile, but also hurt just a tiny bit. Biologically they aren't mine, but I love them dearly and I cannot wait to be there for them.

Also included is one pic of what I've been up to. (Keeping myself out of trouble by getting involved in other people's projects.) I'm a semi pro photographer, but I finally took the plunge and modeled for a photographer friend of mine who just got a new lighting setup. It was a ton of fun. But that's not baby related lol.

Adam emailed me one day last week and told me it was pouring where he was, and asked for some indoor-activity suggestions. I told him he should build a fort with the boys. They LOVED it. Apparently, they went into Jake's (the 2yo) room yesterday, and when it was too quiet adam went to investigate. He discovered they had built their own fort in Jake's playpen!! So, he took a pic of that too. I've done a little editing to all the pics. Enjoy!!

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